BENBOW is a company with traditions, specializing in the production of pneumatic tools. Specifically, we design and manufacture equipment for paint shops, workshops, car washes, and detailing studios. At BENBOW, we are a team of enthusiasts for whom equipment, tools, and accessories are not just a work domain, but also a passion.

Mission: Our mission is to deliver functional and high-quality products that bring joy and satisfaction to users. We select products with a keen focus on margins and costs. As a profit-oriented brand, we prioritize results for the satisfaction of our B2B partners and team.

Vision: BENBOW - Your one-stop-shop. The brand of first and last choice.

Our flagship products are our independently developed paint guns, which, like all our products, result from years of research and development in collaboration with leading service centers and paint shops. Feedback from painters has contributed to the development of paint guns that are optimized for performance and ergonomics, offering remarkable results at an attractive price for critics and product testers.

In addition to paint guns, we also manufacture pneumatic cleaning guns and other pneumatic and manual tools needed for precise vehicle cleaning inside and out.

We offer our customers top-quality products suitable for continuous use in the most demanding conditions. Generations of experience, close collaboration with our wholesalers and end customers, and our partner workshops where each of our products is tested and improved for many months have made us one of the leading manufacturers in our distribution channels. This motivates us to continuously develop and create new and improved products.

Explore this website or our other attractive sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, and test your new favorite BENBOW product today!